Self-help groups

Self-help groups bring together people who are all dealing with a similar problem. By sharing their experiences and feelings, they thereby help themselves and the other group participants. 
It can help you a lot to exchange thoughts and feelings with others and to realize that you are not alone with your problems. There are also self-help groups for relatives of a mentally ill person. Don't hesitate to visit a self-help group! Its participants and the person who accompanies the group will welcome you with open arms.

Hier findest du Tipps, wo du nach Selbsthilfegruppen suchen kannst. Weil häufig Angebote dazu kommen, kannst du regelmäßig nach neuen Selbsthilfegruppen suchen.

How do I find the right self-help group for me?

The self-help contact point in cologne is the central contact when it comes to self-help groups.

  • There you can find out what self-help is and which self-help groups exist.
  • The Self-Help Contact Point helps with referrals to existing groups and supports the founding of new groups if they do not yet exist – also in different languages.
  • It supports networking and public relations work, offers further training and establishes contact with specialists.
  • Further education is also offered and contact is made with specialists.
  • It supports the establishment of foreign language self-help groups.

Phone number: 0221 95 15 42 16

available Mondays 9:00-12:30,
Wednesdays 14:00-17:30 and
Thursdays 9:00-12:30