Therapy possibilities

There are different places where therapy can take place. These include clinics, therapists´ offices and also institutes where psychotherapists are trained. Which place is right for you depends on what form of therapy is offered and what you feel most comfortable with.
If you would first like to get an overview of which forms of therapy are available and how you can get a place, you will find all the important information here .

Hier kannst du dich dann umschauen und den richtigen Ort für deine Therapie finden.

Psychiatric clinics

Many clinics offer inpatient and day-care treatment – this means that patients often spend the whole day there or live in the facility for a certain period of time. Usually they stay in the inpatient or day-care treatment for 2 to 4 weeks, but depending on the severity of the illness or how much support the patient needs, the treatment can also be shorter or longer. In addition to therapy, everyday life then takes place in this environment for a certain period of time. The goal is, that the affected person gets better soon and is able to go about her or his daily live without being limited by the mental illness. There are clinics that specialize in a certain type of therapy or a certain type of illness. You can either find out which clinic is best in your area by visiting their website, or you can search using their patient serviceswebsite. Because clinics are responsible for a specific city area, they often ask where the person being treated lives. In the event of an emergency, many psychiatric clinics offer an emergency outpatient service around the clock – and in this situation, it doesn't matter where you or the person affected live. Again, the fastest way to find a suitable clinic is to call the patient service number: 116117.

Eine Übersicht über psychiatrische Kliniken in Köln findest du here auf der Seite der Stadt Köln.

Therapists´ offices

In therapists´ offices, therapy takes place on an outpatient basis – this means that patients come to the office for one session and otherwise continue their daily lives as usual. Therapists´ offices can only accept a certain number of patients so that everyone can be well taken care of. Therefore, you may have to call some therapists´ offices and wait for a spot to become available for you. We will explain to you here.

As you can imagine, there are many therapists´ offices, which we cannot list here. Fortunately, there are already very good overviews on the web, where you can specifically search for a practice that suits you. We recommend that you search via the patient servicepage. There you can select the filter "psychiatry and psychotherapy" in the "doctor search" to find all practices that offer therapies. If you already know whether you are looking for a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist, for example, you can set the filter directly to that. With further filters you can determine how far the therapist may be from your place of residence, which language you would like to speak and much more. Of course, you can also call the patient service – under the number 116117 – or ask directly at the appointment service of your health insurance.

Training Institutes

The institutions where psychologists, pedagogues and doctors receive psychotherapeutic training also often offer treatment. This does not mean that you are treated as an exercise for the trainees – on the contrary: here, you have a good chance of finding a therapy place, and the therapy is always accompanied by an experienced person who is already working therapeutically, i.e. a supervisor. So you can also contact a training institute as a patient and ask whether a suitable spot is available for you. Of course, because the websites often address those interested in training as well as patients, you may have to search a bit on the site to find a contact number for patients. Otherwise, the patient service will also help you if you want to look for a therapy place in a training institute.

Auch wenn an dieser Stelle nicht alle Ausbildungsinstitute aufgelistet werden können, findet ihr hier einige Psychotherapie-Ausbildungsinstitute, die Ambulanzen haben, an die man sich wenden kann, um einen Therapieplatz zu bekommen: